About me


Hi! My name is EJ Lee.

I am the owner/trainer of New Perspective Canine. 

My goal is to help you have the best life with your dog! 

I want to help change your perspective about living with your canine companion. I'd like to help you truly understand the amazing animal, that is our dog. I want to help you learn to communicate more clearly with your dog, so that you can begin to reshape your relationship, build trust and mutual respect.

I want to help change your canine, to teach them there are different ways to do life. I want to help your dog learn to look to you for guidance and trust your leadership.

These changes applied consistently, will change your life. You can have that amazing dog for your everyday life.



My story...



I grew up with dogs most of my life, but my passion for dog behavior really sparked when my family took in an unwanted dog, just before she was dumped at a shelter.

It was going to be a major project. This 6 months pup was not potty trained, was neglected, under socialized, even physically abused, apparent by her flinching to any foot movement, near her.

Ellie was reactive to almost everything, lunging, barking and even nipping at anyone, anything near her. She was always on edge, on high alert, tense, anxiety-ridden. She didn't even wag her tail EVER, for nearly 3 years.

When I realized she was actually really struggling with day to day life, I stopped accepting that she was just that kind of dog. And I needed to help her not just manage her behaviors.

I started looking for solutions to help her be more comfortable with just regular life. I dove deep into study. I consumed anything and everything dog relate especially about behavior modification and aggression rehabilitation. I researched, read, watched, sought out mentor trainers to learn from and I tried all type of methods to help her become balanced and happy.

On that path, I learned first and foremost, I needed to stop feeling bad for her. I learned about different ways dogs communicate. I learned how to disagree effectively with her inappropriate behaviors. I also helped her build trust in me by guiding her through difficult challenges, like walking on a treadmill.

Consistently pushing her past her challenges, and providing guidance through them, Ellie finally started to relax, and do life. Eventually, when wagging her tail was a common daily occurrence, I knew I wanted to know even more about dogs, dog behavior, and dog training, and ultimately help struggling dogs and dog owners. That's how New Perspective Canine was started and hope to continue the vision of helping dogs and people live inclusively and harmoniously in their everyday life.