Family Dog Trainer

Family Dog Trainer serving the communities of Greater Philadelphia.


Do you want your dog to stop pulling, so you can finally enjoy your walk?

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Imagine how amazing you'll feel, walking your well behaved dog.

Our dog used to pull, and barked excessively at every dog he saw on walks. After we completed our training program with EJ, he is no longer barking, and knows how to walk nicely in Heel!
— Janet & Kyle S.

We had over 15 training sessions with another trainer, with little to no results. We were pleasantly surprised with the quick results we were able to achieve, with EJ’s help.
— Lisa & Paul W.

Do you wish your dog would stop misbehaving, just listen and be good, so you can stop feeling annoyed with your dog? 


Your naughty dog can become your DREAM DOG!


We can help you with...

  • excessive barking

  • pulling on leash

  • mouthing/nipping

  • jumping

  • door bolting

  • too excitable

  • destructive behaviors

Ej Lee-Dogs Trainer Greater Philadelphia
  • obsessive behaviors

  • separation anxiety

  • off leash reliability

  • fearful / nervous behaviors

  • aggressive behaviors

  • reactivity to humans / dogs

  • any dog, any size, any problem